CORTE SCONTA DETTA ARCANA (Hidden court called arcane): A hidden and magical court in Venice, Italy, where begin (and sometimes end) the adventures of Corto Maltese, the adventurer imagined by Hugo Pratt. A place where gentlemen of fortune take refuge “when tired of the established authorities”.

This blog is dedicated to modern gentle men and women who live with courage following “virtue and knowledge”. To those who agree with the following:

“Never stop protesting; never stop dissenting, asking questions, questioning authority, clichés, dogmas. There is no absolute truth. Don’t stop thinking. Be voices out of the chorus. Be the weight that tilts the plane. Always disagree because dissent is a weapon. Always be informed and do not close yourself to knowledge because knowledge is also a weapon. You may not change the world, but you’ll have helped tilt the plane in your direction and have made your life worth telling. A man who does not disagree is a seed that will never grow. “

Bertrand RusselL